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Wooden Windows Around Essex: Back to the Classic

Essex has one of the oldest histories all over England. All the places around Essex are structured in different styles at different periods. Some of the castles in Essex dated back to the sixteenth century.

Windows are the most common features of a house or a building.

essex window design

In Essex, the windows are as ancient as their whole structures. And the most common characteristic of old buildings is wooden windows. Wood is the most common material available and most cost-effective as well.
Sash windows, bay windows, square bay windows etc., are some of the most used timber windows in Essex. The Beeleigh Abbey is a great and ancient example of wooden windows.

Types of wooden windows:

There are several kinds of wooden windows in Essex. Some have the old construction with new accessories and designs. And some are designed recently and are more economical.
• Sash windows: sash windows are the most common designs. These windows can be opened on just one side. A very safe and classic design.
• Casement windows: this is the most common and classic timber window. The windows are fully cased with timber and give very well thermal insulation.
• Sunroof windows: these are mainly designed outdoors or on roofs for direct sunlight. Gives an aesthetic outcome with natural lighting. Sunroofs are pretty standard in timber-framed homes.
• Tilt and turn windows: this window opens on one side, and the other is hinged on the lock side. Here the cost and maintenance are both affordable.

Different kinds of windows are corporated with varying designs of the building. If you want to for classic Essex, feel, you should choose wooden windows as a first choice.

Why choose wooden windows:

Easy to customize: you can customize your windows according to your building design. And the customization is also easy with different software’s. You can even change the arrangements once you are bored with them.
Easy to install: with professionals, timber windows are easy to install. This does not make a mess or destroy the property.
Quality control: with the highest quality wood, you’ll get long-lasting windows. The castles in Essex are centuries old, and their windows are still somewhat intact.
Aesthetic appeal: this kind of window never go out of fashion. A very cosy feeling surrounds these designs, and they are effortless to maintain.
Ventilation systems: you can control airflow into your house with the windows you construct. And wooden windows are easy to use, making them an effective ventilator.
Climate-friendly: wooden windows are environmentally beneficial, and also the thermal insulation properties are excellent.
Craftsmanship: this is an essential attribute for designing windows. The human touch is more stable and personal while constructing a piece for your house.
Timber windows are almost everywhere in Essex. And people still construct windows using timber, but in this case, the woods are selected and refurbished with modern technology.


Wooden windows are widespread throughout the county of Essex. They hold the historical drama as well as the originality of the craftsmanship. The wooden windows celebrate years of existence and modernity both on one side.

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