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I’m Daniela Russell from the Greater Essex. I’ve breathed in Essex all my life and fell in love with its architectural monstrosity as a child. Essex has more than twelve hundred castles all over the county. There are too many cathedral buildings that look much prettier than the castles.
In all these places, the standard material that is used is wood. Wood is the most reliable source for building and warmth. All of the windows, doors, chairs, cupboards, beds are constructed by the wood craftsman. And these people lived in Essex thousands of years ago.
You can still see the details of their work anywhere you visit. Every piece tells a story that can be related to history. And I found that fascinating. The craftsmen can be our forefathers who gave us such enriching knowledge and understanding.
Wooden works for interior and exterior holds a sacred place in my heart. I’ve always tried to go past the visibility and look for the details. What kind of timber is used, what type of tool is used, if it was joined or whole? All these questions pop into my head while observing a wooden craft.
Wooden windows and doors are an excellent source of knowledge. If you see a house with wooden doors and windows, it’ll give you a warm feeling. A feeling that I grew up with. If a fireplace is added to the site, it’ll be a cherry topping for me.
Wooden craft is somewhat replaced with machinery. Indeed, they make higher production and profits, but I believe that the human touch in wood makes the design successful. A machine can determine the facts, but sentiments can only be found in individuals.
For me, woodcraft is like building a statue of marble. No matter how much machine you use, a masterpiece created by a master will never be as beautiful if the automaton runs it.
And this is the main reason I started this blog in the first place. I wanted to tell people how advanced Essex is in wooden merchandises and how enriching our craftsmanship is, even today.